Wednesday, July 28, 1999

The Bitch, Bitch, Bitch Project

OK, I'm back. Thanks for the cards and letters. Consciousness returns like a bad habit.

Here's the story ...

About two nights ago, flu hit me like a short, sharp shock. Saw a bunch of pseudo-documentary promos for "The Blair Witch Project" on the SF channel when I was sick with a nasty, thermometer-popping fever. My deliriosified brain didn't process these obvious infomercials as fiction. Then I fell asleep. Throughout the night, I replayed the "Blair Witch" scenario -- without ever actually seeing the movie -- in an unpleasant round of realistic, sweaty fever dreams about the slaughter of the four filmmakers in the woods. And now, today, I find out the whole thing was a shuck.

The actual movie comes out in two days. But I'm boycotting the fucking movie.

Whatever horrors they show will never match the ones in my head.