Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Dylan and the Dead

Sterile mega-church on steroids

Daniel and Andrew

JOAN OSBOURNE: I've been a good girl all of my life. Now I'm gonna be be bad. Sophie Tucker, Mae West, they're my role models. I used to be Snow White, but I drifted. Delta Blues. John Lee Hooker, EWaters, Robert johnson. Store walking blues. Oh brother where out there. Looks like a category 3 to me.Blye goose, Crtoss roads spirtual and canral commingled roots. Your line is draggin.

Gris gris.
Hank Williams Patsy Cline more bluees than balladeers.

Kevin Xioarnwe vuddLOI VILL ns rhw insiNA
I FO OUR Qlkinf

bACKGROUND MYSIC,. gOOD STUFF, AS STUFFNESS GOES BUT NOT DRIVING AND INSISTENT. fUZYT. Maybe even slightly sticky. I like it,but iut starts to sound the same after awhile.

I think it's a great production instead of just standing up there easiuly do.

Joan Osbourne adds grace slick gnarly J.A. gibe
catchj the hippy
Mr. Blue man group.

Mr. Blue Man Group

The concert is reserved seating. There's a roped off section in the middle of the auditorum with the best seats. This concert being a Dead concert, folks want to jump in there and dance like loons, even such folks as didn't come with tickets. The securityu guards keep tossing them out. They keep jumping back in. So it goes.

[Daniel laughs and sez: "They're playing catch the hippie."]

Now, there's this one guy who's shaved his head. That's cool. It's a valid fashion statement. In this crowd, he's not alone. But he's also painted himself blue.

He looks like a refugee from the Blue Man group.

A Smurf with a glandular condition is also an acceptable comparison.

He keeps jumping in and dancing like a spaz.

The security guards keep throwing him back out again.

Now, it occurs to me, if you want to jump over security barriers and dance around like a doofus, painting yourself blue is probably not a good idea. It sorta attracts attention. I figure he hasn't figured that out yet. He's thinking. How do they keep finding me?

It's Blue Man persecution, I tells you!

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Bill Gates rant

Actual letter from Bill Gates below jump ...