Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Dylan and the Dead

Sterile mega-church on steroids

Daniel and Andrew

JOAN OSBOURNE: I've been a good girl all of my life. Now I'm gonna be be bad. Sophie Tucker, Mae West, they're my role models. I used to be Snow White, but I drifted. Delta Blues. John Lee Hooker, EWaters, Robert johnson. Store walking blues. Oh brother where out there. Looks like a category 3 to me.Blye goose, Crtoss roads spirtual and canral commingled roots. Your line is draggin.

Gris gris.
Hank Williams Patsy Cline more bluees than balladeers.

Kevin Xioarnwe vuddLOI VILL ns rhw insiNA
I FO OUR Qlkinf

bACKGROUND MYSIC,. gOOD STUFF, AS STUFFNESS GOES BUT NOT DRIVING AND INSISTENT. fUZYT. Maybe even slightly sticky. I like it,but iut starts to sound the same after awhile.

I think it's a great production instead of just standing up there easiuly do.

Joan Osbourne adds grace slick gnarly J.A. gibe
catchj the hippy
Mr. Blue man group.

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