Saturday, March 20, 2004

Bush League Blues

OK, one year and counting into the Iraq invasion. Still no WMDs

Somebody needs to say this. It might as well be me.

George W. Bush (and his crew) sent a clear message to tinpot dictators everywhere with Iraq War II.

The United States of America can strike anywhere, anytime. I am specifically referring to a strike against you, Mr. Tinpot Dictator. If we don't like your attitude; if we even think you might start trouble sometime in the future, we are fully capable and willing to invade your country, topple you from power, hunt you down like a dog, humiliate you, put you on trial, and stretch out your sorry-ass neck from the business end of a very long rope. If you don't have nuclear weapons, that is.

And don't even think about bluffing. We will call your bluff. If you ain't got nukes and you claim you do, we're just crazy enough to invade your country anyway! If say you got nukes, you better damn well have 'em. 

If you ain't got nukes, you are totally at our mercy. Best watch your back, 'cause whenever you feel like it, we can put you in a world of pain. Unless you've got nukes, of course.

Something tells me Kim Jong-il will get the message.

Ahmadinejad, too.