Saturday, November 29, 1997

Fun with Fascism

Fascism has operatic narrative. Self-hate turned to hate of other. You, the noble Whatever, have been cheated of your birthright by the evil Whosis Clan, who stabbed you in the back and betrayed you. You are godlike, pure, superior, moral and righteous before God -- and you've been driven into the dirt. Your enemy is heartless, godless, lowborn, base and subhuman -- and they sit on the thrones of power. Now, your noble blood cries out. You must destroy them and reclaim the destiny that is rightfully yours.

It occurs to me this is basically it. The bastards keep changing the labels, but that's what's in the can.

Also occurs to me this is also the core narrative of various Islamic fundamentalists.

And the basis of American talk radio.

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