Saturday, October 7, 2000

Dumbass fratboy wins debate

Caught the debate. We're screwed, folks. It's over.

George W. Bush was a twisted combination of righteousness (praise Jesus!) and a bad boy, cowboy attitude (pass the goddamn ammunition!) He's going to win. I knew it the second I saw the fucker.

There he was debating Al Gore. Gore was talking like a boring chemistry professor and saying things that made people feel bad. ("You kids should really clean up after yourselves. I am appalled to see the lab sink is filled with unwashed titration flasks.") Bush came off like Richard Dawson on Family Feud, grinning, shucking and jiving. ("Hey, pops. I got better damn things to do than wash your stinky old bottles.") The camera loved him.

Bush is going to win.

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