Monday, January 13, 2003

Iraq is bad, m'kay?

Why the are we gearing up to invade Iraq? Why are we even talking about it? What’s the big rush?

The stated motive:

The sumbitch actually has weapons of mass destruction.

I think that’s a pretext. So what's the real motive?

The top three possibilities:

A) Al-Qaeda gave us a black eye and set a bad precedent. We need to make an example of some Islamic country. Whipping Afghanistan ain’t good enough. It’s like beating up the runty kid with asthma. Iraq is the baddest kid on the block. So we'll take out Saddam as a show of force, just because we can. This sends out a message to tinpot dictators everywhere: Watch your ass. We can give you the same treatment whenever we feel like it.

B) We want to the Middle East to love us. We’re planning to spread democracy.

C) It’s all about the oil.

My vote would be (A)

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