Saturday, July 30, 2005

California Split

California, well, y'know. State of mind, mind roams around seeking evidence California qua California, the quadditas of it. So, a burger store named FAT BURGERS. The poster advertises:




Which seems to fit the bill. Of course, the universal/particular thing is all illusion anyway. Is no California, even in California. Or California is is everywhere. Just a mental game. But passes the time.

So AJ and I wound up in at museum called THE GETTY which is probably called something more, but that's what everybody calls it. Spectacular architectural extrusions, intrusions up on a hill, accessible by tram. Modernist, of the Sara School type, with just the hint of gleaming gold tooth of postmodernism, the odd skylight to nothing here and there. Rembrandt exhibit currently, the painter, not the tooth-whitening paste. Religious portraiture, the familiar self-port of Remb as Saint Whatever, the apostles, Mary, the suffering mary, the Really Really Suffering Mary, you know. AJ not impressed, likes the architecture better. Rembrandt, sure. But it's not the BEST Rembrandt. That's the Night Watch, Rembrandt. And, by LA standards, perhaps is no big deal. By the shit I have to see on a weekly basis in Sarasota and write about with a straight face, rube that I am, I was impressed.

Eric has impressive collection of vinyl LPs. Clockwork Orange, Walter Carlos before he chopped his yarblockoes and became Wendy Carlos. Tull's Passion Play. Early comedy, Carlin, Cosby, Flip Wilson, yet, but no L. Bruce.

Got my flipfone celfone, finally. Siemens, sounds bloody obscene but is actually German. Comes in plastic conchshell case you have to scissor open. Kraut brochure inside shows multiculture people, black guy with dreads, svelte curlyhaired chick looks like Alanis Morissette, black girl throwing hands to air in delight, a cutechick upper case Y, some white guy who seems to be clutching his groin with the surfer hang loose symbol, none are actually holding fones, they seem to be dancing, FREEDOM, you see, this is your WELCOME guide to T mobile, dancedance, freefree happyhappy hip fun.

Inside, the Germanic rigor asserts itself ...

Activating your T-Mobile Service.

After you have inserted your Smart Card and charged your battery by plugging the charger into the phone and power outlet, you are ready toa ctivate yourservice. It will take abgout 15 to 20 minutes, so allow some time for it.

[Please note. They're not asking.]


* Your name, address, telephone number, Social Security number, curent driver's license, and date of birth for receipt check purposes.*

* Your preferred billing address, if different than above.

* Smart Card Serial Number** (printed on the box label).

* IMEI Number*** (printed on the box label).

* Agent Code (found on your service agreement).

* Your choice or rate plans and features. Your Customer Care representative will give you your mobile number and walk you through setting yp your service. You will soon be ready to use and enjoy your GSM phone.

*** the asteriskeses extend to important particulars. The fone itself requires a certain assembly. The Smart Card has a pin card you poke out "with thumbs on both sides of the card." A Germanic diagram tells you how to put it in your fone. Feeling lucky, I did. Assuming I didn't break it, I will call you tomorrow.

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