Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Airmen and the Headhunters

Good, read folks.

OK: Author, Judith Heimann. Subject: Headhunters just want to hunt heads.

Two American air crews were shot down over Borneo. The indigenous native types sheltered them and kept them alive. The Americans, evidently, showed the proper respect. The Japanese, occupying this and other islands, did not. Evidently, the Japanese in WWII had this atrocity problem. Not to mention bad manners.

The Japanese, in their determination to find these guys, started putting the pressure on the gentle natives, who had sworn off head-hunting long ago. Probably wearing some kinda headhunter patch, or something. But the occupiers pushed 'em too far.

The jolly natives started removing their heads. It's like, we do one thing and one thing right. We hunt heads. They'd ambush 'em. They'd lure 'em into down the beach. Some pretty girls would run by, giggling, boobs bouncing. Pvt. Hentai would give pursuit. Snick. Thump.

If you can keep your head when all about you ...

Pretty soon, no more Japanese occupation on that part of the island.

Thought occurs to me. Hey, if you set this thing in the future you got a pretty good plot for ...

Then it occured to me.

William Gibson did. See: Johnny Mnemonic, both short story and movie script. High-tech bastards go chasing after the fall guy. The lo-teks wipe 'em out.

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