Friday, November 28, 2008

Join the bargain stampede to Wal-Mart

What a way to go. Death in Long Island. A Wal-Mart greeter, trampled to death by a crowd of bargain hunters on Black Friday. They burst through the doors. He looks up, and they're running at him like a trumpeting elephant herd.

At this moment, the fight-or-flight reflex kicks in.


The neurons start firing, like the nose of that guy in the Operation game.


But, no ...

His higher brain centers send a message to his muscles. An inhibition response cuts off the reflex.

He thinks of the reprimand from his mid-level supervisor.

Now, Burt. You just let 'em trample in like that? That's not the Wal-Mart spirit! You call yourself a Greeter?

So he stands his ground.

He interposes his body between the crowd and the shining bargains.

And the crowd, in its Black Friday lust, tramples him to death in their pursuit of a $300 flat screen HDTV.

A TV, I might add, not made in the USA.

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