Monday, February 15, 1993

What this is

Wake up, wake up. The culture is on fire.

Actually, it's not. It's more like a dry, old cereal box, allowing for some settling of contents. All the desicated flakes have settled towards the bottom. Occasionally, some shmuck comes along and rattles the box, creating the illusion of movement. Me? I'm the government-approved percentage of rodent hairs and feces. Where was I?

OK, a statement of intent. It may all seem very random at first. Actually ...

This blog contains:

1) Cultural commentary and reviews.
2) Sketch comedy.
3) Thoughts and ripped-off content about science fiction, technology and the future in general.
4) Random shit.

OK, it is pretty random. This blog resembles nothing so much as the contents of my brain, God help me. Much of it has been reposted from the droppings I've deposited on the AOL forums, reinserting, heheheh, the eff-word where appropriate. It's not that I wanna be a potty mouth but, y'know, the right word for the right job.

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