Friday, July 24, 2009

Into the memory hole

Kindle users who had purchased selected works by George Orwell, including “1984” and “Animal Farm,” were taken aback recently after receiving a notice saying that the selected works had been removed from their Kindle and their money returned.

OK. The Kindle being what Jonathan Zittrain calls a "tethered appliance," the folks at the top have a backdoor to come in and digitally scrub any intellectual property they feel doesn't belong there. It's sorta like having a bookshelf of self-burning books that could be emflamed by remote control.

In this case, 1984 and Animal Farm were turned to digital ash over an intellectual property dispute. Considering the books in question ...

Kinda ironic, ain't it?

PS: I like that sexy look Julia is shooting Winston on this vintage 1950s pulp fiction-style cover.

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