Monday, May 2, 1994

Crumb Bum

For the record, R. Crumb is one of my favorite cartoonists. Ralph Bakshi is another. Crumb repeatedly savages "Fritz the Cat" as pure Hollywood. It ain't fair. Bakshi has taken pure shit from Hollywood and opened the door to true geniuses like John K. It's an Alpha-Male pissing contest on RC's part, ie, "There ain't room for two outlaw genius cartoonists in this town, pardner."

Not to keep grinding the same axe, but like I said, I wish R. Crumb (and filmmaker Terry Zwigoff) had thrown a few props to the SoCal underground cartooning scene. I.e., Crumb wasn't some solitary genius crying in the wilderness like a mad prophet. There was Gilbert Shelton, Mososco, R. Cobb ... I could go on, but ya get the point. He kinda hogs all the credit to himself.


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