Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps

Oliver Stone is still a titan of a filmmaker. Wall Street 2 rocks. It's a sprawling story, but it held my interest. The Gordan Gekko character screw people over, but finds redemption in the end. That's OK by me. If villains eternally stay villains, it's not a story, it's an allegory. As Anthony Burgess once said, people change. Novels are based on that fact. (And movies too, as I once said.)

Stone's movie puts in a serious plug for fusion power. The LA Times ripped this as an "informercial," but screw them. Fusion needs good press. The last movie that mentioned it was Spider Man II -- as the megalomaniac dream of Doc. Ock.

If we'd spent the TRILLION DOLLARS AND COUNTING we've spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to develop commercial fusion power, we'd be riding high on a second industrial revolution.

But I digress.

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