Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Green Lantern"

OK, kids. Raise your right hand and repeat the following oath ...

A “Topgun” tool who wears green tights.

No cliché escapes this movie’s sight!

He learns his lesson, fights the fight.

The trailer lies; don’t be a schmuck.

Beware this movie …

“Green Lantern” sucks!


g.b.a. said...

Pepe Escobar: The House of Saud paranoia
'... For Riyadh, the great Arab revolt is all an Iranian plot, another front for the House of Saud in the psy-ops war it is fighting against Tehran's "polytheists", directed by the Medieval Wahhabi clerical establishment. The Saudi message to Washington and London is clear - we hold the petrodollars and we're top dog in the Gulf, so forget silly ideas about "democracy"...'

g.b.a. said...

Planned Job Cuts Increase by 12% In June, Second Sequential Increase:
'... Forget new job formation. According to the just released Challenger jobs report, job destruction is starting to be an issue again, after the June report disclosed that "the number of planned job cuts announced by U.S.-based employers increased by 4,297 or 11.6 percent to 41,432 in June. The June increase is the second in as many months...'