Friday, August 19, 2011

Pepe Escobar: The Big Gaddafi

Gaddafi as "The Dude" from "The Big Lebowski." Personally, if I had to compare him to a Coen Brothers' character, I'd go with the Biker from Hell from "Raising Arizona." But it's an interesting take.

Money quote ...

"... It's late night in Tripoli and The Big Gaddafi is sipping a White Russian, smoking some prime Maghreb produce and tuning in to a bank of plasma TVs in his tent at the Bab al-Aziziyah fortress. No luscious Ukrainian nurse could possibly appease his restless soul.

He stares in disbelief at the narrative unrolling in the digital Western alphabet soup known as "news"; they swear Muammar Gaddafi is "besieged", "exhausted", "looking for a way out", "preparing to flee" (to Tunisia) and it's "only a matter of time" before his regime "collapses".

All this because a bunch of barbarian Bedouins backed by North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) bombs had decided to pee on his carpet..."

The Gaddafi Look

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