Thursday, November 19, 1998

"Globalization" my ass

Globalization is an obvious scam.

If we make the planet one giant, free-flowing “market,” capital will flow to the cheapest possible labor – namely, the most brutally exploited, powerless labor. American industry will pack up and leave to whatever dirtbag country it can find where the peasants (or political prisoners) will work for next to nothing. This will cut American labor off at the knees – and destroy any hard-won leverage they’ve painfully won over the last century. (“The bosses need us!”) Well, now they won’t. But the pain will be delayed. The American public will continue to buy cheap shit made in China at Walmart with credit cards. Until the game of musical chairs ends.

And the American people who aren't making shit will discover they can't buy shit.

We're being systematically screwed.

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