Sunday, June 30, 2013

World War Z

Just saw "World War Z" -- the movie adaptation of Max Brooks' novel. Gripping -- as intelligently constructed as a carnival haunted house ride. Syntax of scares aside, it gets bad grades in basic science. OK. Let's say that zombies are not the inexplicably unstoppable undead who keep going and going like brain-eating Energizer bunnies. Let's say zombie-ism is biological (an infection caused by a virus, bacteria, prions, whatever). If so, the logic of biology applies. If a zombie moves (let alone runs or climbs giant walls) it has a metabolism. I.e.: a zombie is alive. Thus, a zombie eats, breathes and excretes waste. It would not "go dormant" if no victims were available. It would freaking die. This applies, whether or not the zombies were disease vectors, and bite to spread the pathogen, as opposed to obtaining sustenance. Zombie or not, ya gotta eat. Thus spake Mr. Science. That gripe aside, great movie.

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