Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Through a Lens, darkly

Letters to the editor:

Attention humans. To the people of St. Petersburg.
We, the Nthrkk, have been prisoners on your miserable world for millennia. We speak as concerned citizens. At long last, our interdimensional portal the “Lens”  was nearing completion. But you, in your ignorance St. Petersburg voters have cancelled it for “aesthetic reasons.” In your stupidity, you have closed the doorway of our escape from your primitive prison planet. Sadly, your limited intellects could not comprehend our infinite anger. Take heart that we do not wish to destroy your world, only leave it. Yet know that we shall lay your world to waste if you do not change your minds. How sad. The Lens represents a fine aesthetic statement in the spirit of Dale Chihuly. It’s something that would change our city, change the perception of our city, and something that we could all be proud of. We urge you now the citizens of St.Petersburg to reconsider. Let the Lens be built. For your sake. And ours. For everyone’s sake.

Sincerely –
The Nthrkk

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