Sunday, January 23, 2000

Entertainment Multiverse

Here's an alternate theory.

The universe is like a multiplex or cable. It exists for entertainment purposes and there are various storylines, characters and situations.

Strictly speaking, it's a multiverse. There are multiple genres, depending on the director and the target audience.

Some of us are characters in a cosmic sitcom. Others are cast in a John Carpenter slasher flick.

This explains why one person might pray to God for a parking space and get it while somebody else turns their back for a few seconds in the supermarket and winds up with their kid's severed head in a ditch. The lucky folks wind up in light romantic comedies, the unlucky get cast in a Wes Craven movie. For some people, the universe has purpose and meaning and happy endings. For others, it doesn't.

It depends on what movie you're in.

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