Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sterling on Facebook

More Sterling observations --

*Facebook won't last, because it can't last.  Zuck has built a big
rickety gizmo.  Goldman Sachs says it's worth 50 billion, but AOL
bought Time Warner once, and where are they now? 

*If you're on Facebook today, you just became the "friend" of Goldman
Sachs.  Are you all proud about that?  Do you want to tell your kids?
Bring 'em into the room and gather them around your knee and explain
how you "participated" in that.  Explain how great that was for their
future interests.

*It's not a sign of advancement when you can no longer connect with
the past.  That does not make you free. It  makes you useless.  You
become stupefied when you can no longer learn from the experience of
previous generations.   If you can't look backward, then  you can't
look forward. 

*You have also forfeited your connection to the generations that will
exist after your own death.  You can't understand your grandparents?
Then your grandchildren will be embarrassed by you.

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