Friday, May 17, 2013

Star Trek: The Next to the Last but Previous to the First Alternate Timeline Generation

Ah, just kidding. The title is: Star Trek: Into Darkness. Seriously. I was prepared to hate this movie. But, then, I have a love-hate relationship with J.J. Abrams. He has a keen dramatic sense, yeah, yeah. But he's been known to cheat. Lost, for example. It's not purgatory, it's not, seriously fans, it's not purgatory, would I lie to you, OK, it's purgatory. Shuck and jive. I was expecting that. Spoilers engage!

Star Trek: Into Darkness is a ripping yarn. The glamor shots of The Enterprise are fanboy drool-inducing. The character studies (with the !@# exception of Spock crying) were solid. This includes (put yourself in cryosleep, fanboy!) John Harrison. AKA, Khannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

Yeah, him. Beneditch Cumberbatch (the new Sherlock Holmes) plays him, which, I guess, is logical. Rebooting the Big Bad from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan struck me as lazy storytelling when I caught wind of it. But it works. Kirk's reaction to Admiral Pike's death also works. Loved this movie. Ripping. But ...

Abrams cheated, damn it. If The Enterprise lost its artificial gravity on approach to earth, the inhabitants would go into freefall. Spock wouldn't cry, !!@#$. Good movie, J.J. Could've been better.

Mindless entertainment: A-   Originality: D-   Science: F


Bob DePree said...

I'll give it an A for banter between beloved characters, a major attraction for Trekkies.

Marty Fugate said...

Agreed. I felt torn writing my review. Basic rule: Be true to your own responses. If you like the movie when you see it, don't write a bad review. I enjoyed it. But, looking back, was irritated at (A) Lack of originality. (B) Science gaffs. That's hindsight. But while I was on the roller coaster, I enjoyed the ride.