Monday, June 2, 2014

Help ... Jane ... stop this crazy thing!!!!!!!

The chirpy NPR headline reads: "With The Internet Of Things, The Jetsons Lifestyle Is Upon Us." Yeah. Cute. Jetsons. That cartoon from the 1960s about a middle-class family living in a Rube Goldberg future where stuff didn't really work.

So, Audie Cornish speaks with Alex Hawkinson, CEO of this start-up company called SmartThings. Alex boasts that the so-called "Internet of Things" will connectivize your refrigerator and TV set. It'll give your doctor access to your vital stats. Have a check-up, never leave home.

"Yeah, cool," says Audie.  "But what about the potential for hacking?"

"Oh," says Alex with Jesuit-like logical acuity. "We can't sell this crap without privacy. QED: by the time we sell this crap, we'll have privacy nailed down." 

Check and mate, eh?

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