Tuesday, February 21, 2017

President Wrecking Ball

Imagine an alternate universe where Hillary pulled Trump's various stunts — and got elected!

Hackers crash Trump's server and release embarrassing crap at strategic intervals before the election. Russian hackers, probably working for the FSB.

Candidate Hillary refuses to release her tax returns.

President Hillary purges the government and appoints left-wing radicals to major cabinet positions. Radicals who've all been quoted on their desire to destroy Capitalism.

The right-wing witch hunt would be in full force.

So, why the double standard?

Because Trump is a wrecking ball.

He's is a wrecking ball aimed at the vestiges of the New Deal, the Great Society and Obama's legacy.

A wrecking ball doesn't have to be smart, classy, honest, or competent. All it has to do is wreck things. And Trump seems very good at that.

That's why.

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