Thursday, February 2, 2017

The many Trumps of TV land

Senator Kreutzer on “Wild Palms.” The brutal, narcissistic CEO of a multinational media company and cult leader of a thinly veiled Scientology analog. He uses drug-enhanced virtual reality to mind-hump America, after addicting the home-viewing audience to the mainlined Maya of his sensory-immersive, shitty dreams. Yes, the graphic novel was better.

Judge Hawkes in the “Terror in a Tiny Town” episode of “Burke’s Law.” A mad, right-wing judge uses subliminal mind control to turn a small town into a hive of paranoiacs under his control.

Eric Cartman in the “Passion of the Jew” episode of “South Park. The precocious, corpulent sociopath has a knack for media manipulation. He makes the Final Solution fun for Red State rednecks in Colorado. 

Andy Fremont in the “It’s a Good Life” episode of “The Twilight Zone.” The omniscient, omnipotent little shit rips a small town out of our space-time continuum and sends it someplace else under his total control. If a tormented citizen doesn’t smilingly agree to Andy's latest solipsistic fantasy, he’ll turn them into a chimerical horror and zap them under the cornfield. Or, in Jerome Bixby’s original short story, turn them inside-out.

Randall Flagg in “The Stand,” a mini-series adaptation of Stephen King’s novel in the early 1990s. This Satanic populist wipes out most of humanity with a genetically engineered plague, marries a supermodel, and makes Las Vegas great again.

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