Friday, February 26, 2010

Childhood memories

Yes, it was a simpler time. We weren't worried about global warming back then. We were worried about H-bombs and giant insects from outer space.

There were only three food groups. School lunch was served in plastic trays. The resemblance to food was only coincidental. There was purple stuff, white stuff, grey stuff and something chunky that might or might not be meat. It's a good thing those trays existed to keep all the foodoid stuff separated. If that stuff touched, brother, giant insects might result.

Reminds me of the time I projectile vomited directly into the garbage can of the lunch room of Sarasota Junior High. The grits did it to me. They popped right out of the lunch tray in a vacu-formed mold. The freaking grits WOBBLED at the end of my fork. I ate 'em anyway out of pure spite just to prove I could do it.

Bad decision.

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