Friday, February 26, 2010

Tomorrow and tomorrow

Science fiction (SF) is all about imagining the future. Well, the future is unimaginable. It's more like imagining that you can imagine the future. Hi-ho.

I had a revelation when I was in 7th grade or so. I was riding my bike past a 7-11 in my hometown. I stopped for a second and looked out at a 7-11, a bowling alley, a gas station. Everywhere I looked, it was nothing but ordinary crap. Wires, pipes, crappy plastic signs, concrete, kipple.

The simple truth that occurred to me was ...

In the great, shining future ...

Say, 2010 ...

The world would be made up of ordinary crap.

The people living in the future wouldn't think it was the great shining future.

People wouldn't be going around saying "Ohmygod! It's the great, glorious future!"
To them, it wouldn't be the future. They wouldn't be impressed.

It'd just be the dull, ordinary, just-so, day-to-day world.

There would still be pipes, wires, concrete and crap.

Or the futuristic equivalent thereof.

No matter how impressive it'd be to us.

It wouldn't impress them.

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